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The Autoupdater controls the whole update process of the Weissbierbude. Please READ the installation instructions:

Download Weissbierbude Autoupdater and run. Step by step description

Doubleclick the AutoUpdater Icon from Desktop and start the setup-wizard which asks for following informations: username and password (=registration on Bude) folder of game-installation (Race07) for the Weissbierbude (X:/Steam/steamapps/profil/race07/). "Archive-Folder" for downloaded .zip files (as mentioned on 3.)

Now the Autoupdate scans the given installation for installed cars and tracks. This process may take a few minutes depending on performance of your machine. The amount of files to be downloaded respectively files found local in "Archive" folder is listed at the end of the progress. Download AND AUTOMATIC UNPACKING will follow on confirmation. Go on track! Please note: complete download may be time consuming according to internet connection - avoid other bandwith consuming tasks while downloading.

For future updates you'll only need to use the toolbar button "Update ".

If asked for the actual Download Ticket, you'll find the code on website (bottom-left) - but don't forget to login first.

Important: all downloaded files are stored in the "Archive" folder and should be left there. On completely re-installing the game these files needn't to be downloaded again but will be extracted automatically. So a complete install won't take longer than a few minutes! Amazing!

On the Script-Interface there are some menus available. For example "Command - Reinstallation" does a complete research for variations on the local installation. On eventual troubles try this option first to scan your drive again. In "Tweaks" you'll find some usual settings changeable directly in .PLR-file(player profile file). "Clean up" will delete redundant files from local archive-folder for saving diskspace.

Peer-To-Peer Download[Bearbeiten]

New users can download files from our Bierbuden peer-to-peer network only. The Autoupdater uses the TCP ports 8435 to 8439 (can be changed). These ports have to be forwared by your router to the corresponding computer. This setting can be found in the router menu as "Port Forwarding". Consult your router manual if you do not know how to do this - or ask Google. If the port forwarding is not configured a red (!) will appear and the the download speed becomes limited to 100kByte/s.

FTP Download[Bearbeiten]

Drivers of the Bierbude who have made a donation can request a direct, time limited access to our file server. This access does not need any router configurations and files are immediatley ready for download which is not guaranteed by peer-to-peer transfers.


Please set up your firewall right. 99% of all connection problems are caused by the firewall.


The program is compatible with 64-Bit Windows systems.