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Race07 crashes when you load up the Nordschleife with a lot of different cars from different classes on high graphic settings This is moslty because the Race07 EXE doesn't allow the usage of more than 2 GB RAM. It can be solved by setting a flag in the EXE-File. As a workaround everyone can use this tool. There are no online-problems with the patched exe, it just allows the game to take more RAM. It also causes no trouble on 32-Bit OS if the flag is set. So maybe this flag can be set in an official exe.


Log Files[Bearbeiten]

The logfiles are inconsistent in multiplayer-mode. If someone leaves the track before the end of the session just the Drivername but not the steam-user and steam-id were submitted. Makes banning afterwards sometimes difficult.


The Reporter has some problems with the european summertime. If the time switches back an hour the reporter starts to transfer every logfile/replay which is in the Log_Dedicated/Results folder. The problems with the inconsistent logfiles affects also the files submitted by the reporter.

Track Rotation[Bearbeiten]

On Dedicated Servers the trackrotation doesn't work smooth if tracks have another IGAID than 64 set in the gdb.

Track Limit[Bearbeiten]

The game seems to have a maximum amount of tracks. If you have more installed the game crashes in the online-lobby if you push "join".

Dedicated Server Bans[Bearbeiten]

For now it's with Steam ID and Steam User. Maybe steam-user should be enough because they are unique and fixed. We use our own tool to ban only by lobbyname and it works perfect for over a year now. This is mostly interesting for public dedicated servers with the actual "SKiDROW-Problem". Consistent Log-Files will help too for sure.

Blue Flag Problem[Bearbeiten]

Driver joins Grid in the last Seconds before Race Green This causes that this driver will be counted on first position (even if he starts on the last position) for the whole first lap. All other drivers will recieve blue flags during the first lap!